About Us

What We Do

Founded in December 2021, we have become one of the largest activist student organizations at UT Dallas. We advocate for the ability of students on campus and the surrounding community to get around without a car. This includes public transportation such as trains and busses, the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, and the urban planning that dictates how we live our lives.

We frequently show up to local city council meetings, talk with officials, members of the community, and the university to voice our opinions and achieve our goals. Among our accomplishments, we have fought for higher frequencies on bus routes near campus and helped get an undeveloped lot near campus rezoned to allow for a future transit-oriented housing development.

Our Officers

Chandu Garapaty
Healthcare Studies, Class of 2025
Liam Nichols
Vice President
Mathematics, Class of 2026
Adrian Lewis
Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2024
Johnathan Dang
Social Media
Economics, Class of 2025
Theo Henson
Website Manager
Computer Science, Class of 2027
Joaquin Moreno
Political Science, Class of 2025
Policy Researcher
Class of 2027